Why Steel

2015-04-03 11.35.12Why Choose a Steel Constructed Building?

  • Erected by Specialists 

    Steel Construction Contractors are highly skilled specialists that are usually trained and experts in their single discipline. The steel building industry by design is held to high standards and precise tolerances that are required to be understood and exercised by everyone from fabrication to installation.

  • Fast Assembly 
    Steel components are prefabricated under precise tolerances before delivery to a construction site using state of the art industrial manufacturing systems, this alleviates mistakes and waste on the site. Erection procedures are planned ahead of time for optimum time efficiency and safety. During woodframe and concrete construction labor can be lost while components are cut and pre assembled on site or while cure times etc are holding up different teams on the jobsite. With Steel Frame construction, the entire crew is working on a set schedule and little labor time is lost.
  • Sustainability 
    Steel is environmentally sustainable with most all parts recycled at end of life or demolition of the building, in the US recycling accounts for almost 50% of all new steel production. Many parts of the Steel Industry supply chain are accredited in many environmental management systems. Steel Construction is environmentally friendly.
  • Flexibility
    With it's large span capabilities, steel buildings are much easier to expand and can easily be adapted to the interior designs of changing times and occupants. Interior design is not as restricted by load bearing walls and columns as in other types of construction.
  • Longevity
    Steel buildings by default have a long lifespan, wood and concrete construction deteriorates at a much faster pace than steel construction. The inherent adaptability of steel construction allows for enlarging footprints and even vertical extensions to adapt and retrofit for future needs.